Video Services Pricing and Packages

How much does it cost?

Our team consists of creative video production experts, engineering geniuses, experienced technicians, marketing mavens and customer service specialists.

We have been doing this for 10+ years, with 1,000+ live streams, 25,000+ videos produced for 500+ clients. So… one hundred billion dollars (Dr. Evil laugh). Just kidding, but seriously, we are producing broadcast quality work and it costs real money. $5,000 is a good starting point for an average full day live stream with real-time graphic integration and onsite management.

We also have worked on multi-thousand dollar productions and we can also provide basic live stream management. Correspondingly, if you are a non-profit or startup with an awesome online video need, we can get creative with budget and expectations.

Every project and its requirements are different and we do not take a cookie cutter approach to your event. Contact us today to receive a custom quote based on your unique needs.

Single Camera Live Stream

$ 99

Per Month

  • Ideal for single speaker
  • Includes 1 HD camera kit,
    1 live stream encoder kit,
    1 videographer and
    1 live stream technician.

Multi-Camera Live Stream

$ 99

Per Month

  • Ideal for conversations and
    panel discussions
  • Includes 2+ HD camera kits,
    1 live stream encoder kit,
    1 video switcher, 1 director,
    2+ videographers and
    1 live stream technician.

Not sure which package
is right for you?

WATCH: Single Camera vs. Multi-Camera

Single Camera vs. Multi-Camera

All packages include:

HD Live Streaming


Social Integration

Multi-Device Compatibility

No Bandwidth, Storage or Usage Fees

Reporting and Analytics

Phone and Email Customer Service

Dedicated Project Manager

Marketing Support

Embeddable Player

No Ads

Real-Time Graphics

Customizable Channel Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live stream my event?

Our live stream management rates start at $5,000 although events are heterogeneous in nature and our packages are customized depending on job requirements and budget constraints.

The main variables that impact pricing are: Location of your event; Length of your event; Production quality requirements; Post-production obligations; Auxiliary services and additional features. We don’t nickel and dime by charging per view.

We recommend capturing your event with multi-cameras to deliver a television broadcast production value.

I already have components that you offer in your packages, will you work with my existing team?

Of course! We dovetail with production and marketing personnel seamlessly. Too often, vendors step on each other’s toes at events which cause stress levels to rise but our staff has the professionalism and experience to work in conjunction with your team. Whether it’s live stream management or marketing campaigns we are an indispensable resource during any event.

Can I stream on my own website?

Yes, we can stream on your site,, sponsors sites, affiliates sites or all of the above.

Will viewers see third-party ads on my videos?

No, we don’t serve pre-roll or in-player display ads during our live streams, but can integrate your branding or sponsors branding in the form of ad placements if you’d like.

Can I charge users to view my content?

Yes, you can sell pay-per-view access to live streamed and on-demand video of your event. We’ll provide custom pricing, promotional strategies, secure transaction processing and revenue payments back to you. Transactions can occur on any site via our embeddable players.

Why would I pay for live streaming, when I can get it for nothing on YouTube?

If you are seeking a Do-It-Yourself solution, including managing the entire production process yourself, maybe YouTube is a good option. manages every aspect of your live stream including pre-production, implementation of customizable players on your website, partner websites, sponsor websites, as well as on if needed. Our live stream engineers remotely oversee your live stream stability, our customer service is available to assist your viewers, and we handle post-event video content. Most importantly, we help fully integrate video with your campaigns including social destinations like Twitter and Facebook. Our care and guidance through every step of the project differentiates us from other Do-It-Yourself options.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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